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Seun Ola was a Former Model, Fashion Designer and the Head Designer and owner of the Clothing, Bravomoda- Featured in GQ UK and sold in cities around the World including Miami, New York, Toronto, Budapest, Cologne, Montreal etc. And currently with 15Years experience in the Fitness industry. There’s no one better to combine all three worlds of Fashion, Fitness & Media

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Lily Miller

Lily Miller

#1: $MMA & PR. We put the Spotlight on you.

I. Ads & Campaign Management

- 1. Full Agency Services

- 2. Media and Ads Buying. FB, IG & TikTok

- 3. Video and Audio Shopping ads

II. Creative Services

- 1. Content Creation

- 2. Content Marketing

- 3. Creative Strategies and Education ..

I. We Create Your Content, Curate Your Content Strategy, and Simultaneously grow your Account.

II. We develop and implement Your Vision Channel as we turn your followers into a following.

III. We aggregate Your Analytics and Monetize your Platform.

Let us give you that Platform to shine the brightest.

-Sports and Health clubs

- Fitness Clubs and Gyms

-Fitness Instructors

- Personal Trainers

- Fitness Models

- Fashion Models

- Other Health Professionals including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists etc.

Through Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Email Marketing and over 600 Publications Media including Variety, Forbes, US Weekly, LA Times, New York Times, Bloomberg, E Online, Cosmo, Fashion Weekly and More. 

Let’s get you noticed!!! It’s Your Time!!!

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<span>#1: $MMA & PR. We put the Spotlight on you.</span>

#2: The Aesthetics- Fashion and Fitness Models :

We Provide Fitness and Wellness Support to keep the Spotlight on you. Via Dedicated Fitness Training Program, Dedicated Nutritional Meal Planning and advice.

Exercise and Health Programs:

-How to have better Posture and Gait on the Runway, 

-How to Reverse Aging Series

-How to sculpt your Ab muscles on a budget Series

-How to overcome Insomnia, anxiety and sleeplessness Series using our recommendations on Healthy Supplements and products. 

-How to get rid of Bloating series, how to deal with Cellulitis series and cure Acne series.

And More!!!

We will answer any Questions or Concerns you might have. 

Dealing with Stress, Skin, and Sleep has to be the ultimate goal for a Model. 

We are Dedicated to your Well being.

<span>#2: The Aesthetics- Fashion and Fitness Models : </span>

Community of like-minded individuals

Join Apex6ix community and connect with other health and fitness enthusiasts, fashion and fitness models, and industry professionals for support and networking opportunities.

Community of like-minded individuals

"The PR services provided by Apex6ix have been instrumental in boosting my visibility and securing brand partnerships."

Mike Young

Join Apex6ix and unlock your full potential.

In Seun Ola’s Words, ‘I wish I had the support system when I was an aspiring model, Answers to Questions I had, Someone to guide me and show me the Path

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